Brush Dots Silicone Screen Printing 

The surface is with circular embossed texture.

UV-Sensitized Heat Transfer

The label changes its color when it is exposed under sunlight/ultraviolet radiation. When it leaves sunlight/ultraviolet radiation, it returns to its original color.The surface also with reflective effect.

Invisible Color Reflective Heat Transfer

The pattern color will be shown under flash light in the dark.


Pearly-lustre Golden/Silver Heat Transfer

Mix the fine golden or silver pearly-lustre powder with PU ink to make the label looks brighter and gorgeous.

Pearly-lustre Rose pink Heat Transfer
Pearly-lustre Coffee gold Heat Transfer
3D Embossed Texture Surface Heat Transfer

The surface is with hexagon embossed texture.

3D High Density with Colorful Laser Beam Surface Heat Transfer

The surface is with colorful laser beam looking.

Matte With Partial Shiny PU Ink Screen Priting Heat Transfer

The hand feel of this label is very soft and with a little elastic feeling like silicone printing. The pattern can present the matte and shiny finish at the same time.

Fragrant Heat Transfer

Fragrant Heat Transfer Label is with floral and fruity fragrance which can last for 2 years. The floral and fruity fragrant will become stronger through friction.The flavor of the fragrance you can choose is as follows:Rose、Lavender、Jasmine、Lilac、Lily、Violet、Chamomile、Pyrethrum、Ginger Lily、Strawberry、Lemon、Orange、Apple、Peach、Watermelon、Grape、Banana、Cherry、Pineapple、Sandalwood、Eucalyptus、 Citronella、Mint、Chocolate

Thermochromic Heat Transfer

Color changed for designated temperature. The ink color is showing at low temperature. The ink color is fading at high temperature and the fabric color will be seen.

Camouflage Color Reflective Vinyl Heat Transfer

The pattern in the dark will present camouflage effect through the light.

ⓄManufacturing Authorization Needed