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We always keep on creating the balance between quality and quantity in at The Professional Field rely on accumulated years of at Wisdom. It’s our forever principles.
Meanwhile, we are a Producers and at a Supervisor, care our product quality conscientiously, monitoring every aspect of the operation , and printing processes, in addition, we infuse the most advanced technology; have already created the best recycling of printed products to customer needs of breakthrough innovation.

Heat Transfer Label Service

Manufacture various types of heat transfer labels which can be applied on apparel, garments and fabrics. It can be care label, size label, brand logo, function clothing piping…etc.

◎Reflective            ◎Full Color Offset
◎High Density      ◎Flock
◎Silicone                ◎Silver/Gold Foil
◎Thermochromic    ◎ UV-Sensitized
◎Fragrant               ◎TPU

Inhouse Testing Service

Professional certificated testing lab
Follow AATCC testing standard
Inhouse laundry test for free

◎Laundry Test
◎Migration Test
◎Instant Product Technique Support
◎Free Consultation Services for Heat Transfer & Printing

Screen Printing Service

Provide various types of screen printing which is suitable for large patterns, functional apparel decoration…etc. This service can only be done on the cutting pieces.

◎Water Print      ◎Flock
◎Glitter Print       ◎Puff
◎Discharge          ◎Cracking Print
◎Sprinkle Print   ◎Embossed
◎Multi-Color Print    ◎Silicone

Flexibility of using the printing materials. Without prejudice to the fabric, we can design eye-catching, Eco-friendly, comfortable and durable products.
Devote to strengthen your products and achieve environmental development.


Smooth communication channel with customers through product development to shipping to make sure the collateral we produced meet buyer expectation.
Under the meager profit, we still insist on producing high quality products and constantly introducing new printing technologies to bring more value to our buyer’s products.
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