“If you don’t find the answers from following Q/A, please contact us directly and we will reply ASAP.”

Q1.How to decide to choice heat transfer printing or screen printing?

We will review the size of the pattern, order quantity and fabric material then give you the suitable suggestion. For any details please contact us.

Q2.What do we need to provide at the quotation stage?

Please provide the size of the pattern, order quantities, fabric material and ingredients.

Q3.What do we need to provide at the sampling stage?

Please provide the completed art work(AI file) with accurate size, color sample(or Pantone color) and bulk fabric for testing.

Q4.What is the lead time of the sampling?

It usually take 5 to 7 working days. If you need express sample, the quotation will be sent to you for approval firstly.

Q5.What is the lead time of the mass production?

It usually takes 2-3 weeks but it will still depend on the order quantities.

Q6.Will you accept the complicated design or what is your limitation for design?

We will suggest the customers to use Illustrator to design the art work(one color one layer). When you design the art work, we will suggest you to make the lines bold and make the hollow big as possible and the thinnest line needs to be at least 0.5pt. Please e-mail your art work in AI or PDF file to us then we can help you to review.

Q7.May we modify the confirmed design?

You may modify the confirmed design before we tool the printing plate. Please contact the sales the parts you want to revise then we modify your art work accordingly and return for your approval.

Q8.May we modify the confirmed design for production after the printing plate is tooled because we found there are some mistakes in the original file?

You may modify the design but the ship date will need to be extend and the extra printing plate fee and material costs will be at your expense.